Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Speed Passion SP-1 PRO

I've got this habit of buying all the new cars from 2013 about when I took a break. So I am 4 years behind. But hey. the cars are cheaper now. Enter the SP-1 Pro, its a slightly updated version of he original, basically they worked a lot of the bugs out and added some aluminium. I added more, I have a problem. But I wont bore you with detailed build stuff but I will post pictures of everytime I thought about taking one. This car built itself, I had some issues on the LM-1 which I thought was the same car with different chassis. Well it kinda is, but unlike the LM-1, the SP-1 has a lot of graphite and an amendment to the manual for changes they came up with when the guys on RCTech.net started building them. Just need to strip the electrics out of the Exotek F1Ultra yet again and install them on the SP-1 and add the CRC premounted tires. Oh and of course paint a body. I got that covered, F60 with 2017 Force India colors. Yes that means pink. Soft light pink. Don't laugh. The decals are excellent.

And that is why I don't do detailed build write ups.

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