Saturday, January 14, 2012

F1 Prelude to 1/14/12 or Trying to fix the FGX the night before a race.

Its late. I'm racing F1 and only F1 tomorrow. Supposed to have a big F1 turnout. Eleven have "committed" to run, with as much as 16 possible. That is allot of F1 cars. My Exotek is ready, and my FGX is ready again. And I've made a mini mod for supporting the upper deck. The FGX upper deck has a weak spot right behind the caster block. You can see it when you bend the upper deck. It has a 90* angle there and its the thinnest part of the deck. I have snapped 2, and many others have reported snapping them in the same spot.

All I did was to use some scrap FRP that I had. In this case, an extra bottom motor plate from an F109. Just  cut off about a 3" x .5" piece. I simply Shoe Gooed it in place, over the weak spot and caster block area.

You can also see the new aluminum steering blocks, the is a 35gr metal caster block in there too. It is a 1* so it is the same as stock. Will consider trying out more camber in the future, but I've got to get the durability issue fixed before I spend any more for hop ups on this car.