Thursday, July 26, 2012

Carpet Shootout Series weekend.

Sunday is the 3rd round of the Summer Carpet Shootout Series. The first 2 rounds, for me, were total junk. I think there are 2 throwaways so hopefully those are the 2. But with the lack of track time I was getting before those rounds compared to the track time I have gotten recently, I expect a much more enjoyable round. My F1R is the best it has ever been, its fast, and I am comfortable pushing it. The World GT is as well. I have rearranged the battery and electronics in it battery forward and that has made it a lot more aggressive while still being easy to drive. I am really looking forward to the races this Sunday. I may even try my hand at 1/12 scale. If I can get at least one battery pack through it before the first qualifier I will probably throw it on the track for the races. But 3 classes is a little much to run, 2 is tough enough.

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