Sunday, July 29, 2012

Review of the Brushless Hobbies 120a LT4

 So I got a new speedo last week, The Brushless Hobbies 120a LT4. Heard about it in Houston. Had a quality that I like: Cheap. $62 or something. But also, I was hearing about how smooth it was and all sorts of rich creamy goodness, plus it was cheap. So I ordered one. I installed it last weekend, but didn't get to run it until Q1 today. After one heat, I had forgotten about it being cheap. It is smooth, I mean really smooth. Normally I run my throttle at about 70-80%. I lose some straightaway speed, but I don't break the rear end loose in the infield.  I literally have to do that or I'm bouncing off the boards all race and get the DNFs and all that mess. Today, I did my usual couple of warm up laps and immediately realized that I could turn up the throttle EPA. I ended up at 100% with no issues and, well, I was a lot faster as well. I think I will be gearing up a bit next time.
  Now I will admit that I know little about the electronics, and don't delve into esc settings and all that. But I do know a smooth ESC when I see one, and this one is smooth.  It has a lot of features, including boost, but it comes already loaded with Blinky. Comes with a USB plug to hook it up to your PC to DL programs, and you can also use the HobbyWing box I am told. I don't need any of that, but its nice to know its there. I will be getting another one soon.  Probably for the WGT.

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