Monday, July 16, 2012

Texas EOS round 1 results

I have been waiting for pictures to be posted, but decided to get some info out. I was sick entire day so I didn't take any pics. Good racing, great event, only one 2 hour rain delay. That's significant since Houston had 11 inches of rain 2 days before. 53 racers, 14 F1s. 3 qualifiers, 1 B main with bump ups to the 15 minute A main. I got 1st in B, well 3rd, but after the bump ups I was 1st. In a few months, its still a trophy and I can casually forget it was really 3rd. Robert was 2nd in A. Marcus Williams (MantisWorx) was 1st, 3 laps ahead with 81 (!) laps. Great time. Nice little track. More later with pics.

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