Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday 7/21/12 at Mikes

Roberts FW14

Great day of racing. 5 showed, Robert dominated of course, but the back markers aren't as far back as we once were. I have been working on and practicing with  my car a lot the last few weeks. Races here and Houston, and I can say with out a doubt, my car is good. Really good. Robert turned 27 laps I turned 25 with Scot .5 second behind in 3rd with 25 laps as well. Ran a few packs after the races and really got some good runs in with Robert and Tom. Series race next Sunday and I expect to do well. I may not podium, but I will not be bouncing off the walls and switching between over and understeer every lap. F1R is dialed now. Of course, every one else is too. Looking forward to it.

Now as for last weekend in Houston. Still haven't seen any pics. I will post them as soon as I see them. Austin is in 3 weeks, another asphalt track, this time in a parking lot at Hobbytown Austin. Last time I checked there were over 60 signees. 10+ for F1. Should be another good time. Hella hot, but good. I will get pics this time, I do not plan on being sick the entire trip like last weekend.

I have some hop ups to talk about later. Little things that really turned this thing around. Stay tuned.

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