Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mikes 7-29

Good day racing. Did the Twitter thing a bit, not a lot of info, but I am sure ya'll are used to that. As I suspected after last week's practice runs without a transponder, the F1R is a lot faster now. Dialed, well close. It wasn't quite as good as last week, as I had to let off just a tad in the sweeper, whereas last week I was pegged throughout. Back end just a little loose but verymanageable. Improved my lap times from mid 13's last week  to 13 flats during the qualifiers, and dipped into the 12's including a 12.5 in the Main! Happy. Consistency on a crowded track is not there, because I sprinkled some real stinker laps in with a 21 in there somewhere. Probably ended upside down once or twice. Battled hard through out, but it only takes one miscue early and your a lap down. I was a lap down by lap 2. We switched from IFMAR qualifying to heads up starts on a staggered grid. We like that very much. You really have to show some patience at the start or you get a big tangled mess. And we did a couple of times but not too bad. I have definitely made some gains with the car in the last few weeks and I am excited about it. 2 weeks until the Austin race, will be taking the upcoming weekend off from racing, but will hit the track for practice next week. I want to get my 1/12 up to speed so I can race that in Austin, the 1/12 turnout wasn't that great in Houston. And I have a car so I will beef up the roster a bit, with little expectations of 1/12 scale glory.

World GT car was, well it was crap. It has been so good lately, but today, just junk. Traction rolls, just way too much front end grip. Digging into the carpet. I tried some different dampening oils and some other tricks, but just couldn't get it right. Do not know what happened there. But I didn't like it. P5 in the main out of 5, and was never a threat for any better.  I'll try it again next month, I wont be running at Mikes until the next Series race at the end of August, and I do not think WGT will be a class in Austin. Just as well. Its a fun class, and the cars are awesome, but just not a big following here. Maybe it will catch on sometime.

Roberts FGX, should have used the Exotek F1 Ultra, but still TQ'd.

The Official F1 Posse pit table. What makes it official? Dunno, sounded good though.

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