Saturday, April 14, 2012

Custom FGX with Front Suspension.

Sean at TQRCRacing posted up these pics of a customers custom Exotek chassis FGX with independent front suspension. I have absolutely ZERO information on this. With the exception of the pics of its awesomeness. No word on performance, but look at it man. Who cares how it drives, that is art! lol Everytime I see a new pic of an FGX I miss mine and forget how much drama it caused me. I know I will have another one someday. But I havent forgotten the nightmare front end yet. Anywhooo, enjoy these pics. As usual, I will post up anything else  I find out.


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  1. I was there the day Sean took these pics. I know the guy who runs this car and it performs extremely well. If you look at the the 3Racing upgrade front end that is about to come out it is really simular to this design and I know for a fact he had this on his car along time ago. The car has even been more upgraded since you posted these pics.