Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Messing with the WGT3

Still working night shift, so when I get home, the family is asleep. Perfect time to hide out in the Man Cave and mess with toy cars! I have a Speed Passion  Cirtix Stock Spec esc in the WGT. I have had this esc in probably all of my cars at one time or another, not really a big fan of it, brakes seem weak even with the set up box. I acquired an old Novak 4 cell GTB a few months ago that I was thinking of putting in the WGT tonight. So I took the SP out and found the GTB. Turns out I had forgot the reason I wasn't using the GTB in the first place. Wiring was the suck. The wires for the switch and to the Rx are soldered on, and needed re-done, and I didn't want to fool with it. Been planning on sending it to Novak on their Legacy program and getting a new GTB2 or an Edge in replacement, now I am sure I will. Anyway, I put the SP back in, but made some mods. New motor wires, soldered correctly this time. I also took the Deans plug off the battery wires, and replaced with bullet plugs to go straight into the battery. Took out the Futaba 3004 servo, which was just too slow, and put in a HiTec 225BB. This servo is a lot faster and smaller, but its temporary, from what I remember it doesn't re center very well. May have a KO from Zach soon, or I will get another Savox 1251MG. I also moved the Rx location to behind the battery along side the esc and installed a shorter esc-Rx wire so I don't have the birds nest look going like I have on some of my cars. And just because I was already re wiring the car, I blacked out the servo leads and esc leads to the Rx. I think it looks a little better although I am in no danger of being recruited by RC Pit Whores any time soon. Oh yeah and I painted up the other Ferrrari 599 body I bought a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, all I got today, plus pics. Cheers.

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