Sunday, April 8, 2012

Raceday 4/7/12

Light turnout for Mikes on Easter weekend. Still we had 5 different on road classes. Albeit only 3 racers each in 2 of them ( F1 and WGT). Jordan debuted his F104WGP and I think actually won, although he and Robert were jackin around most of the race. I wrecked out on lap 12 when a suspension ball popped out of the front end. Of course a front tire and king pin were still attached at the time. Oh well, I had a good run until then. Car got mean all of a sudden and hard to control, very unpredictable. When I rebuilt front end this evening I noticed a screw had come out of one of the side links. That might explain the why it was so erratic. I improved my lap time down from 12.6 to 12.3 although not consistent. Also geared up a bit. I had geared down for the Nats because I wanted more control vs all out speed (which I couldn't handle). But I've got the car handling a lot better so I wanted to go faster. I changed to the Shimizu F1 soft fronts as well, ps0571, was traction rolling the first heat I tried them, but I liked the response when I didn't roll. So I took an 1/8 turn out of the side springs and it responded well. Was able to run with Jordan and Robert some as long as the nut behind the wheel could hang in there, once I got off a bit I had trouble catching back up. All in all a good day, more practice than racing, but was good.

I also got the Speedmerchant WGT3 on the carpet. Yeah baby. I know, I know, I've never met a new car that I didn't love, but this one was sweet. Since the car was half assembled when SM shipped it, I didn't change any of the stock settings. I just made sure it went straight and gripped it and ripped it. Corner speed is evil. I guess its the wide foams, but man, I am going to like this class. Speed wise, with my usual budget set up as always, (this time a Novak SS 13.5 and Speed Passion Stock Spec) it was about as fast as Roberts. It is not as good in the corners as Roberts, but he has his dialed. Mine is close, only adjustment I made was to add a bit of droop by lengthening the shock shaft a turn or two. He told me we can work on mine and get it there quick. I just didn't have the time to run another pack. I will not be the only SpeedMerchant in the sea of CRC's as Yang Li also will be running one, and since I've been pitting close to him, he's been helping me out with questions as well. So many world class drivers at Mike's. I don't stand a chance of winning, but I am not Charlie Sheen, I'm having a ball running with them.

Next race in 2 weeks, I will have both the F1 and the WGT registered. And in 3 weeks the Summer Carpet Shootout Series begins. Plus soon after that I get to go back to day shift at work! Yes! Thursday night racing here I come!!! Going to be an awesome summer. I'm already jonesing to race again. Looks like a steady diet of VRC-Pro until then. See ya.

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