Friday, April 20, 2012

Pre Race Prep for 4/21

Been 2 weeks since I had an RC on the track. Mikes ran a big weekend Off road event last weekend so carpet was covered. Needless to say, I am chomping at the bit to go race tomorrow. I am almost done charging my 1 cells for WGT and will get my F1 lipos done there after. Both cars are as ready to race as I can get them at home. The WGT may get a new servo and esc tomorrow between heats but what's in it will work if need be. I really don't know what to expect in either class. No clue on attendance, not holding my breath for a big show. Every time I think we are going to have a big turn out, we barely have enough for a program. Friggin carpet guys are so fickle! Really not alot to do here but make sure I have all my tools and equipment together and load up and leave in the morning. Decided on a whim to run my old Gerhard Berger Mclaren body tomorrow just for shits and giggles. That is about as intense as my pre-race prep has been this week. I haven't fiddled with either car since last time I posted about them. I was however tinkering with one of the F109s, it is just electronics and turnbuckles away from being track ready. I have that stuff laying around somewhere, just haven't muscled up the motivation to do it. Still jacking with that 4 cell GTB esc, trying to get it to work. Will get a new switch tomorrow and see if that does the trick. If so, it will go into the F109 and it just may be put up in the classifieds. Or it may get a new body and get back on track sometime. Time will tell.

WGT. First try tomorrow. Low expectations, in fact, no expectations. Its my first time running a WGT in a race, the guys that run WGT are the same fast guys in 1/12 scale. Robert is one of them. I'm in it  for the fun, my SpeedMerchant order wont make it in time for tomorrow so I will have the shock mount and springs for next weekend and the first race of the Summer Series. So I will get a full race weekend with the stock set up, and be able to tell a difference next weekend when I make changes. Tinkering, errr I mean, set up is fun.

For those REALLY bored and on Twitter for some odd reason tomorrow, I probably will post random tweets from Mikes. Don't expect any earth shattering bits of knowledge. But, I would guess ya ll wouldn't expect much of that from me would you? I will tweet random observations, pics, and other tidbits of lunacy as the day goes by, if I remember. My 3 year old crew chief will be wrenching for me the first half of the day so my hands will literally be full for a while. Til next time, later.

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