Sunday, April 1, 2012

Speed Merchant World GT3 Sport

I got the car today. The plan I laid out worked like a charm. What can I say? Anyway, I built it between F1 heats at the track. Easy build. Most of the components are already assembled. Rear pod, shock mounts, battery stops, and side spring pod are already assembled. All I had to do was piece them together, build the shock, front end and diff. Voila, done. I got the Sport model, because I didn't want the hassle of a complicated front end at first. It is proven and it works, and when the time comes that I want to complicate things ( I will ), I can upgrade. Kit comes with an 88 tooth 64p spur, diff balls, all the bearings and turnbuckles for the links and the steering. I supplied the spec tires, body and electrics. Any bad news you ask? Yes, I didn't have time to run it. Plus it appears that the bodies I ordered (that haven't shown up yet) are on the big side. Sharpie has one of the bodies and showed me, its about 3 inches longer than a DB9. Sharpie also gave me a painted yet unused DB9 to use. So I have options. If the Ferrari doesn't work out, I can use the DB9 and put the Ferrari on a Slash lol. Also with me being me, I had to go run the car out in front of the house around midnight. I just wanted to make sure it was tracking straight and I had everything hooked up properly. I did. Yay me. So I cant really say anything much about the WGT3, it looks good, but I haven't had it on carpet. It did just so happen to TQ the Snowbirds and win the National Title a couple of weeks ago, so I cant imagine me finding much wrong with it. Will it make me an instant WGT bad ass? No. Will it be a good car for me and anyone else that wants to get into World GT? Of course, don't be stupid.

We also did end up having a great crowd for F1 today. Seven. We had the most entries of the on road. VTA, blinky 1/12 and sedan also ran. I improved by 2 laps and was a lot smoother so I am pleased. Racer  Robert of course abused the rest of us mere mortals, although Dougie put some heat on him. I finished 5th after I gave 4th away on the last lap by getting tangled in the tarp just out of reach of a couple of marshals. Lost 11 or 12 seconds there while they got me back on the track. I will post the video as soon as Sharpie gets it uploaded. He videoed every heat of every class today, plus ran in 2 classes. He's an animal folks. An animal. I will also expand on the race report. I have been slacking on the race reports lately. Sorry.

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