Sunday, April 22, 2012

Racing 4/21

Very eventful race day. Not much of it good but I set myself up for it. I will start with F1. We had seven in F1, again the biggest class on the carpet. Basically my car was junk all day long, grossly over steering. First 2 heats equaled 1 lap each. Broken front arms. I could have sworn I sold my FGX. And since I was only getting one lap at a time it was really hard to find the culprit. 3rd heat I don't remember a whole lot of, there wasn't a whole lot of it any way, but I was traction rolling, and ended up knocking my sensor wire out of the motor. At Roberts advice, I made a front end adjustment, basically raised the front end 1mm. Normally I would lower it for the problems I had, but I had been doing that already. And we noticed nice little black marks on the under side of the wing where I was touching carpet. Not good. I should have noticed that a long time ago, but since I wasn't tinkering all week, I didn't catch it. That will learn me. In the Main the car was better, it still wanted to over steer, and I still rolled it a couple of times, but it was much more manageable and I finished the race fourth. After the mains, the light bulb turned on above my head, and I realized what I should have done to begin with. Change back to the medium fronts. The F1 softs were just too grippy. I made the switch, made a few laps, and instantly was back to a controllable car. Good, I will be ready for the Summer Series next week. For those of you that were there and are reading this, yes, I purposely left out the part where I broke the F1R in half. Thanks.

WGT. Fun, these cars have so much grip its insane. You can keep the throttle pegged almost the entire lap if its set up close. I ended up the day with my car set up pretty well, thanks to Robert, Larry Bradshaw and Yang Li. Knocked .7 seconds off my best lap of the day, and improved a lap in the main over qualifiers. I have a better servo in it for next week as well as a speedo. We will see what happens Sunday. Looking forward to it.

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