Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2011 Fall Classic: Aftermath

Fun weekend at Mikes, Fall Classic was a blast. Had some good races, had some bad races. But it wet my appetite for more big events. VTA I finished out of the top 10. Car was good most of the time, traction was incredible. I had some traction rolls in the first couple of qualifiers until I went to a newer set of front tires. Had my best race with them, 4th out of 13 in the first of the A mains. But those tires were also my downfall, weak glue on the sidewall, and I lost tires off of the rim in the next 2 mains. One 4th, two DNFs, equal no trophy. Sad face. F1 was fun, we had 6 cars. My car started out with over steer problems that got better every qualifier. Sundays 4th and final qualifier was my best race of either class for the entire weekend, 2nd, and was fast. Car was an absolute dream. Best the car has ever been on rubber tires. But during the first two mains, the screw for the motor pod pivot loosened and I was spinning a lot. Pulled off track both races just to be out of the way. Robert, Alex and Jordan really put on a show. F103, F104W and the new FGX very equal all weekend. Last main I was so paranoid about the loose pivot during the first mains, that I was really timid on the track. Plus my transponder came unplugged, so even though i had a fairly decent race, I only got credit for a handful of laps. El Suck. Alex pulled off the win, with all the A main wins, and TQ, He had an outstanding weekend. It was good to see. Of course I failed on the video again. Pretty much the theme for my weekend but man it was fun. F1 was a hit, and I expect it to grow.
Left to right: Me, Randy Novak, P2 Jordan, P1 Alex, P3 Robert, and DW.