Monday, November 21, 2011


OK, I bought an FGX this weekend. I finished the chassis build this morning. I am not going to bore you with the details of the build, because 1: if your on this blog, you know all about it already, and 2: I just followed instructions so I cant really add anything. I will say that its a cool chassis, especially the workings of the rear end. Front end is fragile of course, that is well documented, and I will beef it up as much as I can with CF rods. Hopefully 3racing has an updated front in the works. In the meantime Ill bust up this front end and then go to a link set up. I have VTA tires and rims on it, all I have at the moment until I can place an order. I also liberated the lid from the Mutant. The Mutant and I have come to an agreement, he keeps losing the left rear wheel, and I quit driving him. Electronics are coming out, and I am going back to the standard wide configuration and a new steel rear axle. With foams and a FOR SALE sign. Dig it. Anywhoo, here some pics.