Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Mutant

I am starting to think that after The Classic this weekend I am going to switch over to the F109K4 as my main F1. At least until I get the FGX after Christmas. The more I mess with this car the more I want to drive it. And that is one thing I really haven't gotten to do much of. Since putting the soft Pit Shimizu's on, this car has come alive. No I don't think its as good as the Mclaren is, but I have put a lot more time in the Mclaren. I think the Mutant will be even better in a short time. As long as I'm using rubber tires. On foams, I don't think the Mutant can touch it.That is something else I am thinking about; going back to foams on the Mclaren. And maybe going to one cell and a 10.5 or a 13.5. Man that would be the shit! Right up until impact.