Saturday, November 26, 2011

FGX and the link front end

We have all seen it. Exotek is doing one, Robk has a good looking version, TRG, SpeedMerchant etc. Well after seeing the one Robk made for his F104 coinciding with the glass front end of the FGX, Racer Robert made this version. He simply walked over to the airplane side of Mikes Hobby shop and grabbed the gear.

Hanger 9 Titanium Pro Links 4-440 x1-1/2
SIG Aileron Connectors
Dubro heavy duty ball links
some 440 threaded rod.

The front end has worked well for Robert, this is a pic of mine that I just built. He has had no issues of breakage, or any other problems that I am aware of. I'm hoping I have the same results. I will of course post up anything tomorrow.