Friday, November 4, 2011

2011 Fall Classic

2011 Fall Classic coming up next weekend at Mikes Hobby Shop. My first big race event since the 1992 Texas State Oval Championships, which as it turned out, wasnt that big after all. I am running VTA and it looks like we just may have enough for an F1 class. And we are excited. 3 pro drivers will be there: Mike Dumas, Paul Lemieux, and Drew Ellis. Should be exciting to see the really fast guys. There are fast guys at Mikes every week with some of the locals, but this should be a treat.
I hope that we do get to have an F1 class, and I hope that we put on a good enough show not to get laughed at. I think Robert Bremer will be running his new FGX, and Alex G will have his F104W. Both should be fast, and I will be running my Mclaren F109 and maybe loaning out The Mutant if someone wants to drive it. Two others, which have HPI ormula 10s, have committed to running as well. Thats the 5 we needed to have a class. Needed 10 for trophies, but just having a class is big for us. Robert will win anyway!!

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