Sunday, November 27, 2011

VTA and F1 11/26 Mikes

Another race week. More fun. 6 cars in VTA 5 cars in F1, we are growing! I did OK in VTA, Q4/P4 my car is slow on this track, a second a lap. I lose people down the straight. Will change gearing. F1: Mclaren = fast. Silvercan is fast. My driving isn't quite up to that fast, but getting better. Lousy, qualifiers. No more than 2 laps in any of them. First 2 qualifiers I used the FGX. After breaking an upper arm in practice Friday, I beefed up the arms with titanium and some other metal. 2nd lap of Q1, I break a lower arm. Replace, reinforce with CF, Q2 my new front end comes loose. Park FGX, replace some front end ball ends, but it is parked for day. I blew a front tire on the Mclaren Friday,and I didn't have a replacement of soft F3 Shimizus. Zack had a pair of medium F3's and he mounted them on my rims. I had mediums before, pushed like a mother, so I expected the same. Nope, car was hooked up, and actually I liked them better than the softs. Less nervous. Need to stiffen rear a bit, but not alot of time to make adjustments. So Mclaren is ready for Q3. I thought. 2nd lap, lose right steering on Mclaren. Why did I wake up? Not taking chances, I replaced servo and servo saver, and took it out on the track. Got it working well. So in the main I start last of course, but I ran 3rd 5 minutes of the 6 minute race. I'm not consistent enough to keep up with Robert and Alex, I'm working on it. Car has the speed, just need to work my lines. Bumped one too many corners and stripped the spur. Heavy sigh. 4 F1 DNFs. Felt like Team Marussia Virgin. But, I still have video. Main spends too much time focused on me, but there's a good race between Robert and Alex that is going on too. Q3 video, I was on track long enough for a cameo. That's racing.