Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The F1 Posse

I started a new website, The F1 Posse. The site will be totally separate from this blog, and hopefully will have different or at least expanded content.

Check it out. I hope to do some good things. Set ups, cars, driving tips, all the good stuff that I occasionally throw on here. But all in an easy to navigate site. I also hope to have an online store with F1 bits, and maybe down the line some original F1 Posse line of parts and what not. That is all in the future. Right now it is just starting. And I will be looking for all the rich creamy goodness of RC F1 to put there. If you have info, pics, race information, send it in. Have a store or product, send me a link and some info. I want every possible bit of RC F1 on the site. I want to help keep F1 going strong, not just at my track but everywhere. This BLOG will keep doing the same things it's been doing, hopefully better. Looks like people are actually reading this crap.

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