Saturday, February 18, 2012

2/18-2/19 Nats Warm Up at Mikes

  This weekend is the Nats warm up at Mikes. It is supposed to be a semi big event combined with the regular Saturday race schedule. Not a whole lot of buzz about it, that may be because I haven't been at the track a lot lately to hear it, or people are just silently working themselves into a frenzy. With that said, should be a long day at the track tomorrow. Four qualifiers on Saturday and the Mains on Sunday. I'm of course in F1 class and will be hitting the VTA as well. With a sever lack of practice I have little hope of doing well, but that has never stopped me from trying. So I will be at it bright and early trying to get ready and some track time before Q1.

  And on that note I have something new to try this weekend. I have the new R Sector wide-track conversion for the F104, this will widen the car to the legal maximum of 190mm. Mike Kennedy just set track record and won the UF1 Winter series using it. So it is proven, but alas, so is he. I do have one issue, in that I have the old style F103 diff housing. I cant use the conversion with it, so hopefully I can get a spare F104 diff housing before the races start, and get it on my car. I just got it today, express mail from Hong Kong. Wont take long to install, just the left side wheel stopper, right side hub, and the front uprights. The kit is nice, its all machined. No plastic anywhere to be found. I'm super pumped I get to try it out. If by some chance I don't get a hold of another hub, I will loan it out to Jordan or Robert or maybe even Alex if he is there to test. And I will have a full report sometime after the races.

  VTA is somewhat of an unknown. I haven't raced VTA since November, and my car is totally different than it was then. Front spool mainly. I use a spool on VRC-Pro so I have some background in it, and I did take the Zero out on the track for a few laps between rounds a couple of weeks ago. But as far as set up....not so much. I will be wrenching that thing all weekend. I have a general idea of what I'm going to do, but may not get into it much before the first couple of heats. Regardless, the goal for both classes is the A Main. Time will tell. Stay tuned Sunday or early Monday for results, regardless.

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