Friday, February 17, 2012

More from McKune - Rev 4.1

Who better to tell you whats going on with the McKune Design FGX conversion that the Man himself. My usual copy/paste of an RCTech post. I can't wait to get mine.

"Prototype Rev 4.1

Had an OH DUH moment. I broke the front nose on Sunday. I was trying to buy another and realized I had to buy the entire top deck assembly to get it. This led to me realizing that I can add a separate replaceable front carbon nose and attach it with the stiffener plate. This eliminates the need for the front machined nose mount part. Which because of its multiple setups and tapping was a much more expensive part. I raised the height of the wing a couple of mm for more clearance but it can be easily lowered with spacers.

Testing went very well tonight with my fastest lap in qualifying since I started. We run 3 minute quals with fastest lap determining your qualifying. I turned a 14.6 in both Q1 and Q2. Between rounds I did an experiment and added more front camber and sauced the entire front. The car became very on edge, very hard to drive, and fast as hell. I was able to run some 14.4s and one 14.294. The fastest Formula 1 lap every turned on this track at Timezone. Our class is becoming more like real F1 as we are leaning toward on edge qualifying setups and more stable drivable 10 minute main setups. Very cool. Now we just need to add a Q3 for the top 6 or so cars with a reset and we can all geek out.

Getting closer."

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