Friday, February 3, 2012

Zero Upgrades

In my boxes from TQ, I also got several new bits for the Sakura Zero S. In fact, I have put enough upgrades on this car that I believe its closer to a Sakura Zero than the S model. Whatever, I still call it the Zero. I am tempted to put a big red Meatball on the doors instead of numbers, but I digress, that's not why we are here.

First up I bought the solid front axle parts. I have never run a solid axle with the exception of racing on VRC. But most of the guys in sedans at Mike's run them. And since I sold me CRC Gen Xi to Racer Robert, I had some money to spend at TQ. So I now have a spool. Simple installation. Just take out the gear diff, assemble the spool and put it in. Done. Simple. Down and dirty.

Next up, I bought the aluminium front bulkhead. TQ was out of the top part, so I am still using the plastic there. Again, simple installation.

And last but not least, a new aluminium shock set. The old ones had seen better days and were leaking pretty bad. Plus they used plastic clips for adjustments. New ones use the threaded ones. And for less than $30 for the whole set, it was an easy decision.