Saturday, February 4, 2012

Racing 2/4

  Big on road class at Mikes today. I don't know how many for each class, but we had 10 in F1. Track was full, my F1R was awesome, I know this because I let Racer Robert and Spencer both run laps in it. And I saw it. Didn't look near as good when I ran it, but it felt good when I had a good lap or two in a row. Two weeks off and a new track didn't help, but I am not going to pretend I am very good any way. Traction is way up. I went back to the Medium F3 Shimizu's and still had a couple of traction rolls. I settled for 1/4 turn out of the side springs from where I started and that seemed to do the trick. I believe I had the side springs "just" touching before. Very quick into the turn and stuck coming out. Quickly settled into my usual +1 second/lap slower than Racer Robert and the other podium dudes. I just didn't have it today, never could get comfortable on the stand, with the new layout, or all the cars on the track. Never got a rhythm going.  So that is on me, car is great.  Qualified 7th finished about the same.

I also took my "new and improved" VTA car and the FGX. The Zero I think may be back. I didn't sign up for VTA because I didn't have any track time with the new spool plus, I just didn't wanna. But I did get some practice laps in between rounds, and I think I have it back under control. So next time I race, I will probably sign up for VTA. Track report on the Zero and new upgrades: nice. The new shocks really seemed to be the difference, the bounce was gone, the Zero felt good again. And as for the new solid axle, it is different, and will take a little getting used too, but I already like it. Could step on it sooner after getting into the turn it seemed. Wish I spent more time on the track with it, but time wasn't something I had in great supply. I was able to make a couple of quick adjustments to front and rear ride height, and the Zero settled down after the initial few laps of being twitchy and darty.

Now for that damned FGX. Still like it. (Happy Face) I didn't break anything on it, and I ran the thing for a full pack. Seriously, battery was near shut off stage and motor was pretty hot when I took it off the track, I ran a few laps*, then went and got Spencer to take it for some more laps**. He was interested in a back up for the cheater Corally. (which is a SWEET little ride BTW) And I believe he was more than happy with the FnGX. Speed wise notsomuch, but handling, yes. On the straights it just doesn't have the speed, but as you know, it eats up everything else in the infield***.

* about 15-20 laps.
** about 40-50 laps.
*** If it doesn't splinter into tiny bits

So all in all, a good day at the track. Cars were great, though my driving was even more mediocre than normal. No broken parts and I didn't spend a shit-ton of money either. I still got enough left to donate to TQ. Great day at the track.

  Now, off to the Man Cave. I have an F109 to put together for Le Mans class C!!! Have to see what all I need to order to finish the Le Mans F109, and and get started on the other F109. A man's work is never done, in the Man Cave LOL. See ya.

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