Tuesday, February 28, 2012

RSector Wide conversion

I  installed the 190mm conversion last night on my F1R. And since I still do not have the F104 Pro diff I had to go guerrilla on part of it. Pro diff is on the way via TQ, but my work around was to get a 5mm wide bearing and place it on the axle between the tire and the hub. So simple it cant possibly work. Either genius or lunatic, take your pick. But it is only temporary as I will have the pro diff installed by the weekend. I am stir crazy from lack of track time, I can only clean tires so many times before I start tinkering. All tires are clean by the way. Any way, conversion does look good, had a couple of issue which were remedied easily. Number one, the steering blocks were too tight and I couldn't get the F104 kingpin in them. I am pretty sure that its just the plating that is causing it. I didn't drill them out, instead I just used the blocks that I had on the car already. I will talk to RSector and see if that is the case before I do anything. I do want to use the RSector blocks as they are machined instead of the plastic Tamiya blocks. Another issue I had was a bit of play in the left hub, I couldn't tighten the nut all the way snug, put a .5 mm shim and all is well. No tract tests of course, but they will come soon. The set up has already been proven by Mike Kennedy, so I wont find anything new I am sure. Here is a look.

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