Saturday, March 31, 2012

Race Day!!

The Nationals hangover is over. There was no local carpet action last week so none of us have had any F1 action. We have 9 planning on racing with a possible 10th, plus whoever else shows up. Some of these guys haven't had an F1 on track in 3 or more weeks. There will be a couple of first time F1'rs plus the debut of the F104W GP as well. Should be a great day of F1 racing. I am still waiting on the Speed Merchant World GT3 to show, scheduled for tomorrow. So I have come up with an evil/ingenious plan to get my wife to bring it to me: I volunteered to take our 3 year old with me to the track for the first half of the day. And since she is coming all the way out there to pick him up anyway.... might as well bring my new toy. So simple. I will have a damage report Saturday night.

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