Saturday, August 11, 2012

Round 2 Texas EOS -Austin

Robert and I are headed to Austin this evening for tomorrow's Round 2 at the Tejano Ring (HobbyTown South). Will be a parking lot race, temps 100+, and almost 100 entries. Last time I checked F1 had 16, so should be another good show. Robert and I both will be entered in 1/12 and F1 so will be a busy day. We will fuel up, grab some Taco Casa, and head down there around 5pm. Drivers meeting 8am tomorrow, racing at 9 I think? Who knows? We'll be there. We are ready! Maybe I will tweet this one? I don't plan on being sick like I was for round 1 in Houston, so I will get more pics and be more active. Of course Johnny Than will be there taking all sorts of awesome pics, so I may wait on them.  Out.

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