Tuesday, August 21, 2012

From Wide to Narrow and Back

Ordered an Exotek F1 Ultra this weekend, it will be here tomorrow. So I gutted the F1R of electronics and its front end to put on the Ultra when it gets here. I had of course gone wide on the F1R for the last few weeks. But I still want a narrow car so I have switched the F1R to narrow again. I'm handing the Ultra over to Robert to assemble and set up for me so I can jump right in and run it instead of going through the tuning issues I always get myself in haha. The ThunderPower 21.5, CRC shorty pack, and the Brushless Hobbies LT4 are all going into the Ultra. I will either get another 21.5 or use my 25.5 in the F1R and liberate an ESC from the WGT or 1/12 for a bit until I get another LT4. Really dig that ESC. Really dig the F1R and can not wait to get my hands on the Ultra, as I have wanted one ever since MikeR posted pics of it when it came out months ago. Of course I will post all about it and whatnot. Don't be surprised if I talk like its the best thing since Pit Shimizus or something. I have seen these cars in action a lot lately with Robert and Jordan buzzing around the track with them. So I expect nothing but pure rich creamy goodness. Of course I still will be the driver, I don't expect to all of a sudden start winning. The F1R is an awesome car, especially when I watch others drive mine. I'm not sharing my Ultra though.

F1R this weekend

F1R this evening.

In the mail tomorrow. :)

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