Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Austin EOS round 2 results and pics

Was a great weekend and an awesome turnout at the EOS in Austin this weekend. 91 entries, the biggest on road turnout in Texas in over10 years not including the Carpet Nationals. 23 F1s made it again the largest class of the event. Great turnout by the Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas F1 Posses. We had a C main with bump ups. Racing was tight, you had to turn a strong 27 laps to get into the A, I turned a fast 26 so I was in the B, finished 4th in the B with 27 laps, Robert made the A but Marcus/Mantisworx once again laid the smack down on the field with a 29 lap A main. Marcus, Chris Jones and Jordan Born made the A main Podium. Racing was close, cars were evenly matched: wide, narrow, didn't matter, it was who could stay clean and consistent. Negotiating back markers was tough on everyone, and the heat didn't help with track temps in the 140's and a temp of 108 under the shade.
In 1/12 scale we had 11 or 12, James Lundbergh (sp?) won it with Robert and Danny filling in the podium, I was 4th. Being my first ever 1/12 scale race, I will take it. And will be making 1/12 a regular class for me.

F1 Posse HQ in the RedRoof Inn

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