Sunday, August 5, 2012

F1 Online: The Game™ -

Check this out. Pretty fun. And free.

F1 Online: The Game™ is the new free to play Formula One racing and management game from Codemasters, the makers of the BAFTA award-winning series of console Formula One games, and is available to play today at f1onlinethegame.

Officially licensed to feature Formula One teams and circuits, F1 Online: The Game combines stunning graphics, simple controls and a host of great game modes to deliver a fun new world of Formula One racing through your web browser.

Jump into your favourite team’s car and go wheel-to-wheel with up to 12 players on your favourite Formula One circuits, find extra speed in every lap and climb the leaderboards in Time Trials, or enter a range of championships on all-new custom circuits.

F1 Online: The Game also offers you the chance to become the driver and team boss of your very own racing team and test yourself against the best. It’ll be down to you to make the calls to improve performance on the track, as you choose your team identity, research and manufacturer new car components and develop your own Formula One HQ.

Whether you want to have a quick race online or lead your own racing team to championship glory, F1 Online: The Game is the great new way to get your Formula One fix.

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