Friday, August 10, 2012

TRG112 Prototype

I smurfed this from the TRG Blog this morning after I saw it on Facebook. Google translated.

Has decided to publish the image of F1 new machine was advancing a new concept in the TRG. The image of the test machine TRG112-Proto. The driver is easy to control the direction and pitching direction to roll over the entire machine significantly narrow the characteristics was finished. F1 is the case of interference occurred with the road surface even if the vehicle height is higher in TRG112 Proto, interference with the road surface does not occur due to the mosquito narrow to the utmost limit has been achieved very smooth cornering. Please expect in the test results because it was very good. Usually equipped with batteries that rapidly became popular, of course, etc. YOKOMO GT500 also supports short Lipo. Using the short Lipo has been done in America, Europe was also quick to respond to the F1 race. * We can also be mounted to the body of the 104 other types of narrow type. Will continue to publish even more on the blog shortly

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