Sunday, August 26, 2012

Exotek F1Ultra Build

So I got the Ultra Friday evening. (2 days late, thanks USPS) I was going to hand it off to BremerTech (Robert) for the build, but since it was late decided to go ahead and do it myself. No biggie really. Its a simple, straightforward build. Only a couple of hours worth of work unless you have two three year old boys running around chasing and being chased by monsters and thunder. Only had a couple of issues with the build and they were self inflicted for the most part. Both on the rear end. IE: the motor pod front piece is from an F104 instead of an F103 which is a bit different, and I broke the shock piston/thru shaft on the side dampener. But maybe I learned something I can pass on to future Ultra racers. Ok, blah blah blah, on to the pics!
Simple, no frills packaging.

Straightforward, step by step instructions.

Side shock assembly.

This is maybe the most important part of the build. You have to get the pivot right. No binding, work the rear end really good before tightening, and do not over tighten.

Once you have the pivot on there right, snap on the links and put the already assembled rear pod on the pod plate.

Here's where I ran into issue number one. Since I am using parts from an F104 pod, the rear shock mount is already elevated. You can see the two blue aluminium spacers under the CF piece, lose them if you are converting an F104W or using F104 pod. They are only needed on an F103 pod with the lower shock mounting. If you use these you will have MASSIVE anti droop or whatever you call it. It is painfully obvious once you see it.

Ok missing picture time. This is where the monsters and thunder started chasing the 3 year olds and Daddy had to take care of business. The 3 year olds are safe, but at the cost of pictures for the next few sections. But suffice to say, just simple install of the battery brace, and the pod for the link springs and dampener mount. I also put the steering mechanism on, its a 2 piece, no brainer job I was able to do while slaying monsters. Wish I had pics but really, nothing to see, that simple. It was in the stage I broke the piston for the side shock. The piston is pretty fragile, Robert broke one as well. Just don't horse it into the shock. I used the piston off my F1R so I wouldn't have to wait. Luckily its the same shock. On that note, for any of you with an F1R already that are considering an Ultra and think you can just get a few Ultra parts and be done with it..... no such luck. The Ultra and the F1R are entirely different. Chassis, pod plate, everything, are different. Links and side shock are the same, thats it. This is a whole nother car man. 

Finished product. I had to go with the battery in the back position because of the size of my esc I am using and the steering bellcrank. The Ultra also allows for inline battery mounting. I will probably try that in the future. On my F1R, when using a shorty, I mounted it inline, but forward, and really liked the handling. But I will try it like this Monday at midnite practice and see what I think. I can remount the electronics on their sides and put the battery inline without too much fuss, 2 screws and 2 pieces of double sided tape and done. Needless to say, I am anxious to get it on the carpet Monday for shakedown. 

Mikes Hobbyshop has turned into an EXOTEK track, with 4 Ultras and 2 F1Rs on the grid now. MikeR and Exotek are on to something. 

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