Saturday, August 4, 2012

F1 Summer Break 2012


That said, I am on a bit of a summer break myself. I have the next week off from work, and I took this past week off from racing. I just came from the Man Cave having scuffed a set of new F3 medium fronts to get the new off of them in case I need them this coming weekend in Austin for round 2 of the Texas EOS.

Team F1 Posse will leave HQ sometime next Saturday to get ready for the races on Sunday. Robert will be looking to improve on his 2nd overall in F1 and defend his win in 1/12. I will of course be trying to just plain improve in F1 and  just try to make it through 1/12 scale. Set your sights low and you can reach them easily right? Planning a practice day at Mikes Monday after a stint at the Hospital for some tests. So should be a good time, its Midnite Monday so I can stay up there until they shut it down at 12am.

Not sure what else to do this week. Maybe make some posts if I can find some good stuff to put on here. I will of course search for anything new out there including the F113 and the Serpent car. I will watch many replays of F1 races from this year and last, some GP3 races from the past few weeks, and watch everything on the as well. Oh yes, and read the forums. Pretty much what I do every week, without going to work. Cheers.

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