Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Exotek F1 Ultra shakedown runs

It was Midnight Monday at Mikes tonight. Track open til midnight, perfect time to check out my new Exotek F1 Ultra. Had to take care of business before any track time, mainly, finish the track. Chris Adams, that's 2012 Carpet National stock sedan Champion Chris Adams to you (shameless name drop) did a layout change today, so me and Robert helped wrap up by securing the flappers and all to get it finished.

 We started out with our 1/12 scales and WGT's to get a groove started. The track of course was really green so it was in no condition for rubber tire F1's right off the bat, much less a brand new track virgin F1 Ultra. So we did some laps, got the feel for the track (AWESOME) and got out the F1's. Ill be honest, and it was to be expected, I had a few new chassis growing pains. Green track didn't help, lots of steering, on power, off power, whatever power, it steered. Rear traction, it did not have. I was all over the place for the first pack. Tightened some stuff that had loosened up on me, and went out for another pack, and another. Track started coming in, the Ultra started coming in, until finally everything was right and I decided to take the training wheels off and have some full throttle. I had been half throttling all night learning the track and the car, rear end was kicking out all night until I tightened everything and made a couple of side spring adjustments.

 Now let me say that normally, I am a good second per lap slower than Robert, even when we drive the same car, I'm that far off the pace.Not tonight baby! It was a glorious 5 minutes of carpet goodness. Tires were warm, track was finally getting some traction, and we were ripping it. New layout is a blast, by the way, even if we aren't allowed to run clockwise until the EOS in 2 weeks. Anyway, my best lap was a 13.4, Robert pulled off  a 13.2. When the lap counter called out a 13.4 it felt good, the car felt good, got a real nice drift in and out of the infield chicane, great rotation in the hairpins, and it felt really good. But during all that we decided, to let Chris have a go at the new layout with his Mod sedan and we watched him tear it up just long enough for our tires to cool down and glaze, and the magic was gone. It was late, didn't have time to do another pack, but I saw enough of the Ultra to say, I am going to like this car a lot. Hell, I was only 2 tenths slower than Robert, what do you expect? Ill get another round of practice in before the EOS weekend. I will get this thing really dialed in and hopefully, have something for those crazy UF1 Houston guys when they come to our barn for round 3. We will see, it will not be the cars fault if I don't.

 Go buy one. Tell em Uncle TC sent ya. No don't tell em that. But go get one anyway.

Team Exotek Williams.

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