Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mikes 8/19

Headlines.... I made the A and the podium in both WGT and F1. The real story... there was only 3 in each class and I was last. I also raced 1/12 so it was a busy damn day. I wont run 3 classes again for awhile. Too much work. I ran poor in all classes, F1 was having rear traction problems all day, 1/12 was slow, and WGT varied from problem to problem, normally the driver. But it was better than being at work. Jordan TQd and won F1, Andrew won WGT and I dont know if James or Andrew won 1/12 but it was one of them, I left with a minute to go after going straight in the right turn only lane. Fun day anyway, even ordered the Exotek F1 Ultra between mains, so it will here Wednesday and I will see if I can talk Robert into building it for me. Bremertech does good builds. Now off to eBay to sell some stuff to fund the new addition to the stable.

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