Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cant stay away from the FGX

My love/hate relationship with this car continues late tonight. Last week I hated it again, took all the electronics out and hung it on the wall. Fragile, fragile, fragile. I knew it wouldn't last, I think I even said it wouldn't last. Well with McKune and MantisWorx doing up some upgrades this week, I am excited again. Also I read some scuttlebutt elsewhere of someone else working on something. So I put the electronics back in tonight. With one exception, I also put in an LRP X11 17.5 instead of the 21.5. Couple of dark runs down the street to get it straight, and I can say its faster of course. But when I apply power it veers hard to the right. That's what broke it last week. I will check the bearings tomorrow. I hope that is the problem, I don't know what else it could be. Wheels are straight, steering is not off. Hmmmm, could be the battery moving, I'm lazy and didn't tape it in. I have heard of the battery moving just enough to touch the steering arm from servo. Quite possible, I will have to check that tomorrow, it is too cold to go back into the Mancave. This damn car, wish I could give up on it.