Monday, January 30, 2012

F109 and the CRC side spring mod.

As of right now, I have 2 F109s. Neither is complete. One was ransacked to make the Exotek F1R, the other I acquired from Zach after he ransacked it to fix his F104 Pro. In the future I hope to build both of these chassis back up. One into a Le Mans Type C, the other back into a standard 200mm F109 F1 car.

Any way, I've posted lots of stuff on the F109 during the time I've had this blog. Most of it total crap. What can I say? It was my first F1. I learned a lot and broke a lot. But I didn't post much that I learned. So now, I will post some of the upgrades/mods that were really helpful to me. I came up with none of them, I either learned from RobK's Blog, RCTech or from Racer Robert, and others. Doesn't matter, it is good stuff, and really helps out this already good car.

First up, The CRC side spring mod. Simple really. The stock side springs are too soft. I'll say it, they suck. They collapse, dont rebound after awhile, and generally worthless. So, what ya do is replace them with CRC side springs. I used the reds, about medium and really worked well on the carpet with rubber tires. Your only halfway there though, its not just swap springs, no no no. You gotta work a bit. Bare with me.  Lets get a parts list going shall we?

CRC side spring set
CRC metal spring holders


spring holders

Ok take the stock springs out, and throw them away. Good riddance.
Now take off the top deck.
Take out the side dampening shock.
There are 2 pins that connect upper deck to the dampener bracket. It also serves as a hinge to open/close the top deck. A set screw holds it in place on each side.
Take out set screw.
Cut both pins in half.
Use epoxy or whatever method you choose to fasten the now shorter pins to the upper deck. Make sure the pins are short enough to not interfere with the hole where the set screw was. We need that hole, very important.
Now, there is 2 "spring cups" on the plastic bracket. This is the tube where the stock springs were. Get your Dremel, and cut that tube down, about even with rest of bracket.
Get your long set screw that came with the spring holders, and screw it in the old set screw hole. Fix the spring holders/captive nuts to the set screw.
Then place the spring on. Might use some ShoeGoo or something to secure it even better. Bingo. Your done.
Now not only do you have better side springs, but now you can control how much tweak you want.