Monday, January 30, 2012

McKune is at it again with the FGX

More pics of the McKune FGX conversion. And a race report. Ill make it brief, it went well and he didn't break anything. But if you want the full report, Ill post it. And of course the new pics. Enjoy.

Prototype Rev 1.1
Test Day 2 Timezone Winter Series.

Today was a pretty good day. I am still learning this car as this was the 3rd time I have ran an F1 car. The car is still fighting to much traction in the rear with the Shimizu Soft Ribs. It is a fine line between a push and traction rolls as you add neg camber and sauce more or less of the fronts. Next week I will have the rear anti roll bar which should help. Trying to get this car to rotate quickly with out lifting is a challenge. I also have some Ride Medium Slick rears coming just to try.

I ended up 3rd today overall with a 5th, 3rd, and 2nd in the triple ten minute mains. Not to bad considering my Duo 3 has seen 230+ and is coming off at 210. I have a new Revtech on the way.

By the third main the car was actually pretty damn good but I faded pretty bad and couldn't catch Mark for 1st. In the third main I tried adding reactive caster to the front. This worked very well and seem to calm the car down under hard breaking turns. The way I have the front suspension mount block allows you to raise or lower the front arms relative to stock. I raised the back of the arms 3mm thus reducing caster as the suspension compresses but maintaining caster on power. This is definitely a good selling feature.

Another good selling feature is NO BROKEN PARTS! Multiple top decks, front arms, lower arms, etc. were all broke today by others. I did not break anything. Even though I am still testing everyone seems to want prototype top decks as fast as I can get them. I am very happy with the durability the top deck adds as I took some very hard hits and rolls into barriers. At one point I slammed nose first into another car who turned in early and nothing. Last thing I am not having any tweak issues. Mark's car seems to hold a tweak and he has to loosen all the screws and straighten it out throughout the day.

I hope to have Rev 2.0 on the track Thursday. This will include the two piece top deck and a new bulkhead behind the steering to reduce the front end flex.