Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Exotek F1R update

Since last Fridays debut on the tack where it worked like a dream. I have since exchanged the 25.5 for an Epic Duo 2 21.5. Also as shown in the last post, I went from the Ferrari F60 narrow body to the Mclaren MP4/6 wide body. Now it wasn't as easy as just taking one body off and putting on the other. Of course there are different wing sets, and therein is where the problem lies. Simple really, the MP4/6 wing is designed for the F103 size tires. So I had to shave a fair amount of plastic off the rear corners of the front wing to give plenty of clearance for the tires when turning. Something I should have caught right off the bat, but I figured I'd give it a try without shaving. And of course it didn't pan out the way I planned. Which leads to another issue I had when I was at the track on Sunday. While at the track, with the new motor and body, I was a lot faster of course. But not being able to turn because of the tires hanging on the wing tends to end up with a shorter time on the track. So I of course did what I normally do. Broke a front arm, no biggie, this arm was old and had a nice bend in it, it was time to change.

Installed link front end, will change to standard F104 front end when parts arrive. Gave spare set of F104 front arms to Robert to turn his F103 into an F104 width rocket. Other issues I had which as usual are my fault and not the fault of the car: loose screws, I did not loctite the pivot screw. I lost the pivot screw. While trying to put new screw in, I needed to remove shock and side dampener for better access to the pivot. Numb nuts broke the side dampener.

At the time I didn't know it was an Associated 12r5 shock, so I didn't get the piece at the track. I have since ordered a new shock. But in my garage I have an older CEFX 1/12 scale car. Bang, Associated shock.

F1R is fixed, and ready for a track day. Hopefully Friday, definitely Saturday.

Put the CRC on the track some Friday also. Took the GTB esc out and put in a 4 cell GTB, sensor is bad in the 4 cell, so very little run time Friday. Have now put the SpeedPassion Cirtix esc from the FGX into the CRC. Will need a booster before I can run again, but may have it Saturday as well. FGX is hanging on the wall, slowly losing electrics to other cars.