Saturday, January 7, 2012

F1 Posses Rides Again!

6 F1s racing today. Good turnout, will only get better in the coming weeks.
Left to right: Jordan's F104W, Racer Robert's F103.5 narrow and his FGX, Me and the Exotek F1R, Alex's Exotek F104W, Spencer's Corrally, Sharpie's F109.

Race Report.
Exotek F1R is still awesome. Played with settings, less side spring, springs 1mm above links, lost a lot of turn in. Cranked side springs to 1 turn past touching, little too much steering. Loosened to about a 1/4 turn past touching: DIALED.

PS572 rear, 577 front.
Camber on the 2, no spacers under plate.
Full sauce with Paragon.
Red Tamiya shock spring. Cranked.
Associated .022 front springs.
Ride height 3.5 front 3.5 rear
Took graphite axle out, went to steel axle, even better. you can feel the difference in the rear. Stable. Not touching set up til track changes. Better driver might have taken it all. Need to get better in the infield. Car can do it.