Friday, January 27, 2012

McKune FGX Prototype Rev 1.1 complete

This is sweet. Troy McKune of McKune Design has made a prototype CF chassis conversion for the 3racing FGX. He has also made some front arms that look A LOT sturdier. I am excited about this. It looks good, and you can judge that for yourself with the pics. I got all of these pics and captions from Troys McKune's posts on the FGX thread at

"The front part of the chassis is the same as stock until about the front of the Servo. The rest going back approximately follows the contour of the inside of the body. It is a little narrower than the inside contour of the body. The goal was to allow more room for mounting electronics. There is enough room now to mount a Tekin RS or Black Diamond flat on the left side."

"New Prototype front arms just off the mill. Allows you to adjust camber without changing caster."

"The way the front arms mount directly to the center block allows them to be mounted lower. This will increase camber gain. By adding spacers I can get back to stock height."