Monday, January 30, 2012

F109 Front End

 The F109 front end is a great idea. Caster and camber adjustments at your leisure. The problem with the 3racing version, they use too soft of a plastic. This causes slop, and eventually, failure. The front end tends to come apart at the camber adjustment. Another issue is the stock caster plate, its plastic too. While not soft like the arms, its brittle, a one hit wonder if you will. There is an alloy hop up out there, I had one, but its not always easy to find, and well, with the other issues just not worth it. In my opinion anyway.

 So, what to do? Easy. Composite F103 front end, the standard, plain Jane, no adjustment having front end. Why? Because #1, it doesn't break. And #2, there is no point in adjusting a broken car, see reason #1. Yes, you can still have some adjustments using shims, I find that I really didn't need them as much as I needed a sturdy front end.  And you can have it for under $10. That's less than the F109 adjustable front end, and less than the alloy caster plate. I will have the composite front end on both F109s when they are done. I wish they made a composite version of the F104 arm set.