Friday, January 13, 2012

Racing, Mikes, 1/12/12

1/12th 17.5 blinky- broke steering block in practice. Out of stock, out of race.

VTA - Q1 DNF- picked up loose part from others car, locked up steering. Pulled 30 seconds from end of race. Was running 4th at time. Car was best it has been since Fall Classic. Broke ANOTHER steering block and C hub. Disgusted. Pulled out of VTA for foreseeable future. It may be time to get a more durable car. Anyone have an older X Ray?

F1- we are not allowed to race F1 on the Thursday night schedule. I'm sure its because it is too awesome for weeknights.

Fun stuff time. F1 practice. The later it got the better it got. Exotek F1R has quickly become my favorite car. Track changes so much, not only day to day, but hour to hour. Tough to keep on top of setup. Basics stay the same, but give or take a turn on the side springs to stay on top. I love this car. Out of 4 cars that I ran or attempted to run today, it not only got the most track time, but its the only one in one piece.  Exotek Rules.

Ah the FGX, heavy sigh. I put it back together. Novak GTB2 installed, receiver re-installed, got a new mini size HobbyWing servo off of the human hobby shop Randy Novak. Aluminum steering blocks (!!) Version 2 front arm set, delrin ball, new upper deck, F104 indestructible kingpins, I even reinforced the upper deck's weak spot with CF and CA. Half a lap, YES I SAID HALF A LAP, I wasn't even at full speed.... I was babying it around, making sure it was tracking straight, came out of a slow turn, gave it some throttle, and spun into boards. Instant uh-oh. Broke the GDMFN upper deck again. Damn near tore the body in half. Shoe Goo will fix that, the upper deck is toast. Jeeze Louise, what in the hell is up with this car? I know, I'm not supposed to wreck. But my goodness, take a little abuse at least. I'm not the best driver. I'm just an average guy, with average equipment, average speed, and way above average looks ( I kid, I kid). I don't drive the tightest most consistent lines at our track, I misjudge some turns now and again. What can I say? I'm average. But this is ri-goddam-diculous. Pardon my French. I can either throw more money at this car, (and the rest of them) or I can scrap it and sell it. (And the rest of them.) I'm keeping it. Its still a beautiful chassis with an ugly paint job. I'll put the extra upper deck on it tomorrow, and try it again. But I will say this, this car is a long way from being my racer. Maybe after the Nats, I'll try it some. But I think, for me at least, its a basher. The UF1 gang is loving this car, rumor has that its damn near taking over the Winter Series, a may prove unbeatable when they move to the outdoor asphalt tracks. Go for it, I'm not the caliber driver to keep it on track and finish, much less win, a race with it. I guess I better get that way, Nats are in 2 months. I do not want to DNF the lowest main. Contemplating just running F1 in the Nats and shelving the VTA for a spell. Just not as fun anymore, and that was before the parts spree I got on. Its F1 time baby. I started this mess here at Mikes, I'm all in.

OK, pity party over. In other news....

 Zach got his F104 Pro built and ready to go. He forgot his radio again. So he had plenty of time to finish it tonight. Haha, I know your reading this.

Racer Robert had his FGX and F103.5 rolling tonight. He is fast and consistent, and his cars are dialed.

Jordan had his F104W on the track a bit, it gets better and better.

There was another F104 Pro Black Special up there tonight, being built by a guy named Mike. He also has built an F104X1, he may be racing this weekend.

IDBDoug won an F104Pro off of eBay last night, complete with a genuine F1 Paintlab body painted in Red Bull livery. He will be racing Roberts FGX this weekend.

Alex is MIA. His F104W hasn't been the same since he went to the Exotek version 1 conversion. He will be back to speed shortly. If we find him. Check those milk cartons.

Matt Howard is supposed to make his F1 debut this week, with either an HPI Formula 10/Exotek conversion or his mighty Exotek F1R.

Don Griffin is going to be back at it this weekend. Think he has an F104 Pro.

Tom D from Oklahoma is coming down. He has a couple of F104s

David Walker... never know about him. Hopefully his 3Racing F109 is there with him.

Could be a couple of others. They have cars. Expect to see them shortly. Now if we can get Dumas in the Posse...... Some one tell TQ RC Racing that I'm getting another order ready.