Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2012 Carpet Nationals to begin

Tomorrow is set up and pre-tech for the Nationals at Mikes Hobby Shop. Racers will begin showing up tomorrow around 10am to get there stuff together and do whatever big time traveling racers do. Me and Robert plan on getting there around 5pm, I have an 8 foot table and a 4 foot power strip, so we shouldn't have any problem with finding a place. My new upper deck is on the way from Washington State with the McKune guys, and I will put it on tomorrow evening. Bright and early Friday morning is when it all begins. Two quick 2 minute practice sessions, then another 30 minute controlled practice to seed us for the first qualifier later in the evening. I still don't know which car I will be running. I will probably try both, the F1R was good last weekend. The MFX...... well, I won't rehash that again. One more try. The biggest stage. Will be plenty of set up help at the track this weekend between Robert, the McKune Posse, and the UF1 guys. Whichever I run, will be set up well. It will be up to me to keep them in one piece. I'm just happy to be here. Glad the day is almost here. I am sure many that are here are hoping to win. Some are first timers like me, others are Nats regulars. I just want to have a good showing and not break. Not be in the way, and actually feel like I belong on the track and not in the stands or at home. Either way, come Monday morning, I wont be one of the guys kicking them selves for not trying when the Nats were dropped in our laps at our local track. No sir, no way I am missing this one. Not a chance. I look forward to meeting as many of the guys as I can. Hoping to learn some stuff, and maybe get lucky and win one of the raffles. And free stickers!!! I love stickers! Next stop, the 2012 Carpet Nationals.

Spy cam shot of the official track layout. Looks nice and Official don't it?

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