Friday, March 16, 2012

Check in and set up day at the Nats

Today was set up day and pre tech for this weekends races. Pre Tech did not go off with out a hitch because 4 out of the 5 F1s I saw teched (mine included) did  not make width. Plus my batteries in which I swear I saw on the ROAR list when I ordered them were not on the legal list now. Thank goodness for Double D, he saved me again with a loaner ThunderPower 5600. My F1R is now legal, and back down to 180mm and my MFX should be legal in the morning when I borrow some Tires on stock rims from Robert. Ride rims are a bit wider, when I rough measured both cars with a tape measure and a standard to metric conversion chart, both were 187/188 mm. But in the official box, no dice. Its exact, and I am a half a sidewall over on the rear of both cars. But as I said, I'm legal in one car tonight and should be legal in the other in the morning. So I am not sweating it. Took a few random pics tonight, nothing in particular, but I did act like a fan and take a pic of Phalen and Kennedy. I know, I know, lets just say I was in awe of the situation of the Nats and it was basically rookie orientation day. Looks like we will have 13-15 F1s. Practice starts in 6.5 hours. And its an hour drive. No sleep tonight after wrenching for 2 hours when I got home. I'm gonna go watch P2 in Australia and drink a lot of Dr. Pepper for then next 24 hours.

Team Lotus - T Phalen and M Kennedy

Tech line

Tech line again


Track drivers left

Team X Ray and RC America Pits

Track drivers right

Mid track

The Cool Table.

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