Saturday, March 3, 2012

Help Wanted

I need some help. I'm working this blog and trying to get The F1 Posse going, but I'm tapped. I need ideas, and info on anything and everything RC F1. The stuff is out there, and I get it on here as fast as I can get it. but I want more. Tips, set ups, parts, mods, races, videos, what ever. Over 4000 hits on this blog in the last 30 days. That blows my mind. So I know there is interest, and I want to keep it there. So if you got something, let me know. Someone is sure to want the info.
  I've been really busy lately with a new shift at work, and it has really limited my time racing.  I have been on the track once since January, and that was the Nats warm up race. I did very poorly. I do get to travel South to Houston next week to check out the crazies down there. I am really looking forward to it. Will be taking the FGX with the McKune Conversion (more on that later in the week!) and my Exotek F1R with the RSector Widetrack conversion. It will be the first time I have raced on pavement in over 20 years. Plus, of course, the Carpet Nationals are the weekend after. So I have a busy 2 weeks coming up. Good thing I am on vacation the week between Houston and the Nats. I hope to get some good stuff on here that week. And I hope to get some practice in too. And not just on VRC-Pro.

Thanks to all that have stopped by, especially the regulars. Let me hear from ya. It means a lot to me.


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