Saturday, March 10, 2012

Race day. sigh

The picture sums up my day at the track. Actually it doesn't tell the whole story. There is a picture that I haven't taken yet. I may or may not take the picture, depending on what I see when I take the shell off of the MFX. I know its bad, probably very bad, just don't know how very bad yet. MFX has been sitting in the front seat of my truck since 6pm. Its 1030pm. I'm still scared to look. I will say that most of the parts above were broken before the first heat, one set during the first heat, the F1R side links were in the second heat after I decided to run the F1R for a spell. 3rd heat while still in the F1R a wire came off my esc, actually before I got to the starting line. Looking back, it was a blessing in disguise, because soldering a wire is cheaper than fixing whatever I would have broken if I would have actually raced that heat. Main...... I don't ever remember what knocked me out of the main. Might have been a C clip, its all hazy. I have been in somewhat of a daze. Don't really remember driving home. Although I know I didn't hit anything then. At least I don't think I did. I will check when I go unload the truck.

I believe any illusions of running well at the Nats in the MFX have been abandoned. Any remaining illusions of running well at the Nats with anything, have been abandoned. The sensible side of me tells me not to enter the Nationals. I do believe in the present state of things, especially my cars, it would be wise to sit this one out. But I know better. I'll give ROAR my $85, maybe get a T shirt in return, and look like an idiot. I do that almost every week anyway, but I don't get a shirt. We do get a shirt don't we?

Oh yeah, the RSector conversion on the F1R is nice. It really is. If I would have just gone with it in the first place, I would be better off. The Rsector/Exotek combo is worth it. GD FGX. We need a front end fix yesterday!

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