Saturday, March 10, 2012

Race day. Almost

My Houston trip was washed out, but the silver lining is I will be home to race on the carpet in the morning. I haven't had a car on the track, much less raced,  in over 3 weeks. And I will take this opportunity to shake the rust, cobwebs, or whatever was causing the problems with my last outing where I looked like a rookie.

  I am taking the MFX of course, and the F1R. Both are totally different cars than the last time they were out. The MFX of course is McKuned out with the CF chassis, Thunder Power 21.5, and lots of little bits that I got from TQ today. F1R has the RSector Wide-track conversion and the F104 Pro diff.  Both will be sporting boring one color paint jobs, MFX stock body in yellow, and the F1R with the Back in Black Ferrari.  When I ran the MP4/5b last time out, I didn't like the feel. I suspected it might be the front wing. I don't know, I was having such a bad weekend I was desperate for an excuse. I went back to the F60 with the 3racing F109 front wing, and I did, at least think, it felt a little better.

  I am really rolling the dice right now. I am a desperate man, I am going with the MFX because I feel it is easier to drive. Maybe not as fast as the F1R, but easier to drive hard. And I am hoping with the new chassis and beefed up front arms, I can last a full race. I am hoping. Maybe I am just in denial. Maybe that is why I am still awake at 2:45 am when I need to wake up by 8am to get to track for practice laps before the 1st heat. Regardless, I will have 2 cars when I get there. Hopefully 2 when I leave. Haha. Time will once again tell.

In other news, rumors abound about a possible TOP F1 entry, albeit more in line with the Corally car. I will snoop around and see what I can dig up. Also the much anticipated Tamiya F104W GP has hit the States. Tower and Advantage Hobby show it in stock. Pricey SOB that one. Looks good and all but no thanks. I don't think it is any better than anything else. Does have some cool new stuff on it, but its available separately, and knowing Tamiya, the car will be discontinued in a few months. LOL I am joking, sort of.  Anyway a lot of RC F1 related stuff popping up lately. Including a whole slew of Exotek FGX/EFX bits. Which are sure to get the FGX guys excited. Stay tuned.

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