Wednesday, March 7, 2012

McKune FGX CF conv. up close Part 2

  OK I got my MFX this morning. It went together so easy that I didn't snap pictures. Its just as nice as I had hoped it would be. CF is cut very well, very even, just top notch machining. Instructions obviously very good as well. All the hardware that you need is included. I had it together in 45 minutes. Unfortunately I only had about 15 minutes to mess with it before I had to leave for work. Oh well, 30 minutes late to work and worth it.
Now I posted a pic of Roberts last night, and I will post a pic of mine as well. They look the same, they are the same. Why post pics tonight? Because. That is why.

  Robert texted me a track report. I will start by saying he wasn't sure if this was going to be his Nats car, he has been tuning his F103.5 for a couple of months and it is a mean machine. Dialed. But on the first battery pack with the MFX, he was matching, then beating his F103.5 lap times. This is on a track that hasnt seen much action in 2 weeks because of a big off road race this past weekend at Mikes. He turned some 12.1s at the Fall Classic with an assload of grip. He was turning 12.0s with the MFX and less grip tonight. Dig that? I do. He also says that he was using the same set up as he was before the conversion. He did some tweaking for the second pack, and didn't improve any. In fact he said it was a bit harder to drive. Then he busted an arm. I feel the pain. But none the less the car is the real deal. When traction comes up, it should be better. I expect him to do very well at the Nats. There will be some other MFX's from Washington state, some of the new Exotek EFX's from Cali, F104 Pros, F1Rs, and whatever else they bring in 2 weeks. As I have expressed many a times recently, I am excited.

  One downer note, the coming weekends trip to Houston to run at the big track has been postponed for 2 weeks because the weekend forecast is the Suck. Lots of rain coming, I will stay here, race at Mikes, and stay dry. But I will be racing, and I damn sure need the carpet time. Now........Pics.

This was the only pic I snapped during the build. Sorry.

OK I snapped 2, but I was pretty much done.

Done, pardon the wiring, it's just not my bag baby.

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