Thursday, March 29, 2012

Robert Paints

My buddy Racer Robert has been busy lately. Not only building the F104W GP this week, but he has found the time to paint up a few bodies. Hes much too modest to post them, but I'm not. Sorry bud, these are going live!

First up is an F103 Williams body. Done up nicely of course.

Next up is the Tyrell for the F104W GP

And finally his WGT ride, I think its a DB9. Either that or a Sophia. I am too new to the WGT cars to tell the difference.

And just to add to this, he finished 5th in the F1 A Main at the Nationals, and topped that with a 4th in the 17.5 1/12 B Main, out of over 60! I'm impressed. He's kicking some tail. The pride of the Posse!

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